Catalysing Regions in Peripheral and Emerging Europe towards Digital Innovation Ecosystems, project supported by Interreg Europe

Mis à jour le 27/09/2022

CARPE DIGEM partnership

Project objective

To exchange experience and develop new tools to help rural Europe strengthen and expand local digital innovation ecosystems

The CARPE DIGEM project consists of the following actions:

  1. Identifying local digital innovation needs; classifying and exchanging good practice, identifying the characteristics and territorial competences of the digital innovation and mediation ecosystems being developed by the project partners.
  2. Undertaking and supporting actions to make rural Europe within the wider European community more digitally innovative, sustainable and inclusive
  3. Strengthening the economic and social cohesion of the European space through the development of territorial cooperation.
  4. Defining strategies to improve digital innovation ecosystems adapted to partner territories, such as the Circuits courts 4.0 project




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